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Deep Dance

"To me we can use movement to help question, deconstruct, feel and make meaning of our experiences in life to help live better lives and be able to give back to our communities in meaningful ways. The benefits can be that people are able to recognize potential barriers to what may be blocking them from living and moving more authentically in their bodies and in their lives." - Er Raff


Often times when we are encountering a blockage to our goal, we need an integrated approach to move through that block. As someone with a passion for both dance as well as healing ourselves and the world around us, I have found the use of movement and body awareness integral in helping ourselves to, quite literally, move through hardships and blockages to our goals.


I believe that this world is socially constructed. Everything we do and why we do it can be questioned and deconstructed to better understand ourselves and/in the world around us. I use guided improvisational dance and movement to help individuals dive a bit deeper into who they are, what they think, how they feel and why. Through this, people find the way forward with their goals. I believe this can be an incredibly healing experience individually and collectively.


I believe that if we can move and live more authentically and in a place of curiosity and gentleness, this will help us to make positive choices and change in our lives, communities, and systems. Everyone has different experiences with this type of practice. Different life experiences and intersections of identity make these experiences very unique. Therefore, at the end of these sessions time to write, reflect, and connect will be offered. Coaching opportunities allow for this experience to be highly personal and tailored to your individual goals and desires over time. Group sessions are also offered for folks who want a deep but less frequent dive into this experience.


  I will not be providing therapy in either group or one-on-one sessions, rather I will be holding space and lightly helping you to unpack your movement experience. 


If you are unsure if this is the right practice for you for any reason, please reach out for an initial free 20min consult. To learn more about these offerings, please visit the Offerings page. 


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